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Peace in the Day!

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This city is pretty close to Bangkok. I stayed here for around one and a half days. It’s a small city when compared with Bangkok but to look at the places of interest you would at least need a bike or a car.

The thing which first comes to mind is the River Kwai, inspired by the movie the bridge over the river kwai. The scene especially to watch is inspiring at evening time over the calm waters and if one needs to get away from all the hassles then I think this city is worth to go for a day or two. The colonial railway is a place of interest with a lot of Japanese tourists visiting it as well as the museum around it. Besides far from the city is the place where one can go to view the widest tree in the world; that’s what they say. The tree is very wide. I biked all over there and it was one long trip. Anyways there is also an elephant sanctuary to go to if one wants to see how they train these huge creatures but don’t get too near these behemoths, they can crumple you!!

The place I stayed in kanchanburi was the place where most of the small hotels are located and this area at night transforms into a great party place with a great jovial atmosphere as most of the travelers come here to escape the city life an laze till its night time.

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Koh Phi Phi

The snorkeling paradise

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Taking a ferry from phuket I came to phi phi islands. These are best kept islands if one wants to indulge in some scuba diving or snorkeling. The water is amazing as well as the white sandy beach. The best place to snorkel is not around the islands because most of the corals have been destroyed but rather in the middle of the sea. The ferry I was traveling on anchored in the middle for a few hours and this was the place which had amazing corals besides not a lot of people. The place was also close to Monkey beach which is a beach populated by who else but only monkeys. Don’t go too near to them they can attack people.

Furthermore I also took a tour to view the small caves around that region where one went on a bamboo canoe. The caves are truly amazing made of limestone because of accumulation of water which has made crystals thus we were not allowed to take cameras because the light of the flash breaks the crystals. Anyways what I saw inside left me speechless. There was a cavity inside the cave which had a whole elephant trunk on it. Our guide told us that this was a fossilized elephant. Don’t know much truth is it but anyways it looked stunning!!

Phi Phi is party place and accommodation over here is always tight because of the stream of people coming in. but I feel its becoming more and more commercialized which has somewhat affected the beauty of the place. Travelers whom I came into contact and who had been coming here regularly for the past 10 years or so told me that they really miss the former Phi Phi. At Phi Phi one can also go for a transparent glass boat ride though I didn’t go for it but I think it should be done especially for people who don’t like diving or snorkeling.

A word of advice. People wanting to spend a few days here to relax should better bring food, water and groceries with them because on the island all the things are pretty expensive. But if you want to splurge then what can I say? It’s your money!!!

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High on Adrenaline!!

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Phuket is located in the South of Thailand. A lot better than Pattaya. Its got a lot to offer and one would never get bored in Phuket but only if you are high on Adrenaline.

Arriving from Kuala Lumpur into phuket through Air Asia. This was the second time I had been to Phuket and it had changed very little. Phuket is made up of primarily 3 beaches: Kata beach, Patong beach and Karon beach. The waters around Kata beach are a bit dangerous and the beach is very windy so most people don't recommend going there besides I feel the facilities with respect to all kinds of budgets are catered to in Patong beach so there was no need to change the place I was going to stay. Patong beach has a host of accommodation which ranges from the Holiday Inn to small Inn's lined on the road to the beach. The places as they get closer to the beach become expensive but in off seasons or anyways it's better to ask for some discount deal, you never know you might get a bargain.
Patong Beach

Patong beach has a host of activities which can be done by people of all ages and all tastes. The first thing that comes to mind is jump in the waters which at best can be described as tame. Then one can also do the Banana boat, Para gliding and Para sailing besides the ubiquitous Jet Ski's. One word of advice there is no bargaining here as the beach boys have an understanding that they don't undercut each other!! So tough luck for me and all of you who would look for bargains.
Shopping around the Beach

The area around the corniche is a place full of energy especially since it has a night bazaar or should we call it beach bazaar with nearly everything available from Thai crafted tables, wooden souvenirs to shirts, women's bags, shoes, watches with nearly everything being an imitation. Don't trust t what the shopkeepers say! That's my advice.

I would share my experience. I liked a wooden table which the shopkeeper started with 4000 BHATT and ended up at giving it to me for 300-400 BHATT. Don't remember the exact price. Furthermore never say half to what the shopkeepers ask because they would immediately sell the thing to you its better to start with 1/10th or 1/20th of the price but be prepared for some rough treatment. Man, I truly enjoy shopping!

Furthermore, the area around the beach one can also indulge in some extreme action. You guessed it!! Did you? One can go for bungee jumping here and as I was told it is operated by Kiwis and they have a great safety record. Although one never knows you might be the unlucky one!! Anyways no problems you would probably land in the water and not on the ground so just chill!!! The rates I feel were very competitive.

Other than that this area also has a lot of action at night. The place at night simply is irresistible with the biker boyz revving up their engines in the vicinity of the shopping malls. Mind you it's not the locals but rather the foreigners who just burn rubber with the Thai copies of Harleys. One of the shopping malls also has a bowling alley so one can always go for a game.

Moving away from the beach lets go to the main city. I forgot to tell you people that the best means of accommodation are the open air taxis which can take one to the city centre etc from the Patong beach. It would still not be a bad idea to rent a bike for a day as well if one wants to visit the city centre and stuff. Just one advice the road to the city centre is undulating and sometimes the hills get steep so drive that bike in only the first gear! Look out for the slight drizzle as well because the bikes tend to slip. Otherwise everything would be fine.

The places I went to was the Phuket Karting centre and mind you the place is truly of international class especially the tracks and their cars. Had a peach of the time but then ran out of money. Boy these karts are expensive. But don't forget you have got to bring your passport if you want to ride the cart because if you cause any harm to it then you would have to compensate these people.

People who are staying longer for a week or so should find it easier to buy their groceries, some tit bits etc from the Tesco Lotus Hyper market. The prices over there are ridiculously cheap and one can easily get the fresh fruit especially the award winning coconut, pine apples, mangosteen at good prices.

The main city I think doesn't have a lot to see. But if you are coming to phuket from a Bus then you would be dropped to the main city bus terminus. You could be hustled into getting an expensive taxi for the patong beach or wherever you want to go and there are people who have their private cars which double up as taxis but I feel these options are at best left alone and one just needs to find the open air taxis.

All said and done I guess you people would be hungry now. The places around the small inns on Patong Street offer good value for money. I particularly liked the food at Dubai restaurant which has good Shawarma. Other than that one can always get a boiled corn from the hawkers man they have such great taste. There are other hawkers who sell Thai food but you have to look out for the fact that the food could give you a bug because some of it is not fresh. The banana waffles are a treat to eat as well they are crispy and with honey added it just gets your taste buds.

There are a lot of islands around phuket the most famous being Phi Phi, James Bond, the Muslim fishermen village and one can easily get a tour from the ubiquitous travel agents around the area and it's a good tactic to get one agent against the other and thus get a good deal.

That was probably all I remember about Phuket.

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Kuala Lumpur

the capital and heart of malaysia

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will write soon!

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The classy architecture!!

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The Malaysian city which is very unmalaysian. The architecture is the first thing you notice when you come here a lasting influence of the Dutch who had colonized this city. Malacca is a medium city but nearly al the monuments are in close proximity with the most famous street over here being Jonker's street. this is the place which has BABA KONYA's tomb besides it has also got a great religious mix with hindus, christians and muslim places of worship being very close together and they also live in peace.

Jonkers street has a lot of food shops as well as craftsmen shops who are skilled in the Malaysian traditional crafts,which has a lot to do with wooden face masks etc. Besides they also sell very amazing Batik Silk here.

Malacca is one city which must be on every travellers list as it has a lot more to offer than i can define because i have forgotten a lot of stuff which i did here.

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